About Us

At CaptionsMostly, we are on a mission to be the one-stop solution for captivating and effective captions.

Finding the perfect, vibe-matching caption can be a struggle, as I myself experienced firsthand. That inspired me to start learning the science behind quality captions – how they grab attention, spark curiosity, improve comprehension and enhance engagement.

We’ve since mastered the art of writing optimized captions tailored for every taste and platform. With a deep understanding of current trends and this generation’s interests, our team delivers captions that truly connect with modern audiences.

PNG of Captions-mostly.com logo
PNG of Captions-mostly.com logo

Our Caption Superpowers

What makes our captions so special? A few superpowers we’ve honed over time:

  • Video & Image Captions: Our captions reduce cognitive load, boost accessibility, strengthen emotional connection and improve SEO.
  • Post & Reel Descriptions: We craft intriguing summaries, contextual details and strategic calls-to-action that entice viewers to engage further.
  • Multi-Platform Expertise: We create captions optimized for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, websites – you name it!
  • Multi-Language Support: With experience translating captions into 5+ languages, we make content accessible across geographies.
  • Always On-Trend: Through constant interaction with viral content, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s hot right now.

Our Mission

We founded CaptionsMostly to empower creators, brands and businesses to maximize their visual content’s reach and impact through the strategic use of captions and bios.

Rather than an afterthought, we believe captions make or break how well online media performs. We’re here to ensure your captions give your stellar content the spotlight it deserves!

What We Serve

  • Captions for Personalities
    • Quirky & fun captions for the free spirit
    • Heartfelt & emotional captions for the empath
    • Humorous & witty captions for the comedian
    • Inspirational & uplifting captions for the idealist
  • Captions for Mindsets
    • Motivational captions to inspire hustlers
    • Relatable captions for the overthinker
    • Empowering captions for the self-improver
    • Chill & laidback captions for the go-with-the-flow type
  • Quotes for Bios
    • Short, punchy quotes for concise bios
    • Philosophical quotes for thoughtful bios
    • Humorous quotes for lively bios
    • Inspirational quotes for uplifting bios

Facts About Captions

Here are some fascinating facts I’ve learned about using text in posts and reels:

  1. 70% of viewers watch videos with the sound off, telling me descriptive text is vital to grab people’s attention.
  2. When I add a call to action (CTA) in my description, I can boost click-through rates by 300%. Game-changing!
  3. Including relevant keywords in my descriptions has improved my posts’ search ranking by up to 15% in my experience. Worth optimizing for SEO!
  4. The description length I aim for is 120-150 characters – it ensures the text fully displays without getting cut off in feeds.
  5. With over 85% of Instagram users based outside the US, I’ve learned writing clear, concise descriptions in multiple languages is key for me to reach a global audience.

The stats clearly show me that captions and text descriptions are no afterthought – they play a huge role in getting my content viewed, understood, clicked on and ranked highly.